60/30 Radio Commercial

The following is a comedic 60-second radio commercial with a 30-second edit. Voice acting and royalty free music and samples were used to complete this project.

MIDI Project

This project involved transcribing a classical piano piece into MIDI notes on a piano roll in Logic Pro X, adding crescendos, accelerandos, and all other forms of musical expression. The piece was then adapted into a four-instrument classical piece.

The goal of this project was to create an audio bounce and MIDI file bounce that sound as similar as possible to each other. This was done by utilizing MIDI control and program changes accessible through Logic Pro X.

Download the MIDI Bounce, and compare it to the audio bounce. Works with Quicktime Player 7.

Original Multitrack Recording

The goal for the multitrack recording was to record at least 4 different simultaneous parts at the same time, and then mix appropriately. For this project, my group scripted and recorded an audio documentary called "Myths From The Depths."

Audio for Video

This project required creating all audio for the animation, "Le Royaumme"; both diegetic and non-diegetic. Voice acting and royalty free samples and music were used to complete this project.

Business Plan

The business plan required us to develop a marketing plan that detailed a summary of the business, analyze the clientele and competition, develop a budget, and explain the legal practices necessary to run a business.

Click here to download the PDF.

Electronics & Senior Project

My senior project involved creating a MIDI controller that manipulates macro controls and MIDI notes in Ableton Live. It was constructed out of arcade buttons, potentiometers, plexiglass, and wood. In addition, it can be worn around the shoulder like a guitar.

Click here to learn about my senior project, the Rhomidus.